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Alfa-Mobile for Windows Phone

First Alfa-Mobile for Windows Phone version was released in 2012, and it wasn't updated since then. Four years later Alfa-Mobile for Android and iOS went long ahead. Users wrote more and more adverse comments in the application store. The time has come whether to close Windows Mobile application at all or to improve it to match leading platforms level. It was decided to evolve the application.

The list of most used functions was built based on statistical data. To reduce release time, it was decided to release new features in three stages, keeping compatibility with older Windows Phone versions.

Alfa-Mobile for Windows Phone

All three releases came out in planned terms. Eventually, transaction rate went up by 15%, audience - by 10% and it continues to grow. The application got a lot of positive feedback from users.

Release 1

  • Transfers within the bank and from card to card with ability to create templates;
  • My cards, card locking;
  • GIBDD fines.

Release 2

  • Transfer to other banks;
  • Facility payments;
  • Managing limits.

Release 3

  • Pre-authorized zone: registering to Alfa-Mobile, quick phone bill payment, transfer from card to card;
  • Categorized expense statistic.

In 2016, Belarussian Alfa-Bank has decided to raise level of their remote channels by going "mobile first".

Bank had rich mobile application long time before, but it was implemented as a section of common application for whole bank group. That is, the application had sections for three more countries in addition to Belarus, and it was designed with unified UI/UX. So it wasn't possible to change it radically.

It was decided to create new application, separated from other country banks. Main ingredients of future success were stated as follows:

  1. Unusual and daring UX;
  2. Possibility to become bank client without visiting bank office;
  3. Presence of attractive product which is available only within mobile application;
  4. Quick searching across any content;
  5. Wide personalization possibilities.

Everything you need at hand

The desktop and "Drag & Drop" operations were choosen as the main UX concept.

Fund sources (accounts, deposits) and receivers are icons at the desktop.


If you want to transfer $100 to your friend just drop account icon onto friend's photo, then specify amount and confirm transfer.

Currency exchange

If you want to buy currency just drag one account onto another, in different currency.


It's easy to issue a card!

At first application run we tell bank minimum necessary information to open an account.
Take passport photo and wait for a call from help desk.
Courier brings a card next day.

Just say

How do we find certain facility among thousands of other payment receivers?

How do we find payment made several months ago, if we need to repeat it?

It's easy as pie - say keywords and get what you looked for.

All information is indexed and updated in realtime. Implementation is based on ElasticSearch technology.



You can choose different desktop wallpaper and icon colors. Payment receiver icons can contain custom photos.

Personal offers, PUSH notifications, opening accounts and deposits, login by PIN-code, draw pattern and fingerprint and everything else, what modern digital bank ruruis inconceivable without.

Password Saver

The application keeps important and frequently used information conveniently and safely. This includes:

  • Bank card PIN-codes;
  • Bank card PAN numbers;
  • Account passwords;
  • Other secret information.
Password Saver


The application tries to balance between convenience and safety.

  • Favorites - data that are user most often can be placed to Favorites for quick access;
  • Verhoeff algorithm is used to protect from typos. This algorithm detects most typos with minimum redundant information;
  • Ability to scan bank card data using camera makes card addition process quick and simple;
  • Copying passwords to clipboard speeds up login to different accounts.
Password Saver


Enforced safety is peculiar feature of the application:

  • Secret information is saved on device ciphered with AES-based algorithm;
  • Data are never sent to cloud storages - no one except device owner can access it;
  • Application does not keep check-up information on the device. If device is stolen, the malefactor can't recover data saved on the application.
Mobile application
We develop mobile applications for contemporary mobile platforms, java cards and SIM-cards. We use all device capabilities.
Server-side and integration
We create backend which is integrated with business applications: designing and developing mobile application APIs, data storages, business logic, integrating with existing systems - everything taking into account security considerations. We work with Java, .NET, LAMP. We use full-text search, non-relational data storages.
We embody dare UX/UI solutions in user interface for all modern web browsers.
and load testing
Mobile and web applications intended for mass audience require high quality and reliability. We pay much attention to managing quality of our solutions. We offer testing services for customer systems: develop test plans, execute manual testing, develop solutions for automated testing.
The company conducts training courses for university students on regular basis.

The course "iOS applications development" starts in 2018 in Belgorod.
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for Windows Phone
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Password Saver
Entering market
Mobile application "EpiDay" and "ProLiver" developed for largest transnational pharmaceutical corporation. "EpiDay" application allows thousands of people suffering from epilepsy to live full life. "ProLiver" application tells about "Essenciale Forte" drug benefits simply and exciting.
Mobile payments
Beginning of cooperation with leading RuRu payment service.
Financial transactions over Internet, bank cards, advanced security requirements. Successful external security auditing of mobile application.
New projects
Connected cars - mobile application that is connected to a car.
Network security - network intrusion detection system based on open source software.
Mobile Banking Alfa-Mobile for Alfa-Bank clients from Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine for iOS and Android.
Active growth
Company has grown twice, services have extended including server-side development, functional and load testing.
Alfa-Mobile application for Windows Phone has been released.
INSYNC.BY launched. It's new Alfa-Bank application for Belarus. With it you can become bank client without visiting office, order premium card with delivery and exchange currency with profitable rate.
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Dmirty Mikhailov
For 20 years in IT. He developed protected workflow systems with digital signature. Starting from 2010 he works in bank system development, remote bank services, e-commerce.
Vasil Pahomov
Started work at 2001. He had managed development of web-based project management system (SaaS), which is used more than in 50 countries worldwide. From 2012 he concentrates in high-load and mobile applications architecture.
Alesia Bailukova
Release manager
She started from manual mobile application testing and went through department head. From 2017 he manages production planning and responsible for in-time releases of all projects in work.
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